Affiliation Details


New/Fresh Affiliation

Granting Affiliation to New Colleges: Norms and Procedures


A college applying for affiliation to the University sends application to the Registrar, within the time limit stipulated in the advertisement, furnishing the information with respect to the following:

  • That it will supply a need in the locality, having regard to the type of education intended to be provided by the college, the existing provision for the same type of education made by other colleges in the neighborhood and the suitability of the locality where the college is to be established;
  • That it is to be under the management of a regularly constituted Governing Body;
  • That the strength and qualifications of the teaching staff and the conditions governing their tenure of office are such as to make due provision for the courses of instruction, teaching or training to be undertaken by the college;
  • That the buildings in which the college is to be located are suitable and that provision shall be made in conformity with the Ordinances for the residence in the college or in lodgings approved by the college, for students not residing with their parents or guardians and for the supervision and welfare of students;
  • That due provision has been made or will be made for a Library;
  • That where affiliation is sought in any branch of experimental science, arrangements have been or will be made in conformity with the Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations for imparting instruction in the branch of science in a properly equipped laboratory or museum;
  • That as far as circumstances may permit, due provision shall be made for the residence of the Principal and members of the teaching staff in or near the college or the place provided for the residence of students;
  • That the financial resources of the college are such as to make due provision for its continued maintenance and efficient working; and
  • That rules fixing the fees, if any, to be paid by the students have been framed or will be framed.

Note: Applications for affiliation of new colleges will not be entertained from individuals, but only from the Registered Society or Registered Public Trust, financially viable to run the colleges without the aid of the State Government.

  • The application shall further contain an undertaking that after the college is affiliated, there shall not be any transfer of Management or change of name and style of the college, without prior approval of the State Government and the University.
  • On receipt of application under sub-section (2), it shall be placed before the Syndicate, for consideration. The Syndicate, on consideration of each of the applications for affiliation, shall direct a local inquiry to be made by a Local Inquiry Committee:
  • Provided that the Local Inquiry Committee shall consist of at least one person belonging to the Scheduled Castes or the Scheduled Tribes.
  • The Local Inquiry Committee shall, within thirty days from the date of constitution thereof, submit a report to the Academic Council.
  • The Academic Council shall, soon after the receipt of the report of the Local Inquiry Committee, consider the findings of the Committee envisaged in the report and make such further enquiry as may appear to it to be necessary and record its opinion on such request and transmit it to the Syndicate.
  • The Syndicate shall consider the report of the Committee and the resolution of the Academic Council and shall further record its opinion on the question whether the request shall be granted either in whole or in part or be rejected, after making such further enquiry as may be deemed necessary.
  • The Registrar shall submit the application and its enclosures, annexures, the report of Local Inquiry Committee, and the Proceedings of the Academic Council and the Syndicate to the State Government for taking a decision thereon before 31st March of the ensuing year.
  • The State Government shall consider such applications, in the light of the recommendations of the Local Inquiry Committee, the Academic Council and the Syndicate and after such enquiry, as may appear to it to be necessary, make their recommendations to the University to affiliate or reject the affiliation as the case may be or any part thereof, including the variation in the intake.
  • The University shall, on receipt of the directions of the State Government, issue formal orders accordingly.


  1. Sanction of affiliation shall, however, be subject to obtaining the prior approval of the All India Council for Technical Education, the Bar Council of India, the National Council for Teacher Education, or such other authorities or bodies concerned and the intake determined shall not exceed the intake, if any, specified by such authorities or bodies.
  2. Only, Registered Minority Educational Trust/Institutions/Organizations after strictly following the rules/regulations stipulated by NCTE/State Government and University may submit their application seeking fresh affiliation for starting new B.Ed./ B.P.Ed/ B.A.Ed/ B.Sc.Ed courses. Other registered Educational Trust/ Institutions/ Organisations may apply to start new B.P.Ed/B.A.Ed/B.Sc.Ed. Courses.
  3. The Principals of the Government Colleges should have the prior approval of the Government to start new courses / subjects / languages and for additional intake, other wise such request will not be considered.
  4. It is also brought to the notice of the Principals of the existing colleges/registered trust/institutions/organizations that the application for affiliation shall not be submitted to the course/optionals for which institution of such course/optionals are not yet approved by the University.
  5. Restriction on admission of students in a new college

The admission of students shall not be made by a new college seeking affiliation to a University or by an existing college seeking affiliation to a new course of study or in excess of the stipulated intake, unless, as the case may be, affiliation has been granted by the University to a new college or to a new course in the existing affiliated college in respect of such a course of study or for variation of the stipulated intake. Action shall be taken against any Institution contravening the provisions of sub-section(1), in accordance with the provisions of the Karnataka Prohibition of Admission of Students to Unrecognised and Unaffiliated Educational Institutions’ Act, 1992 (Karnataka Act 7 of 1993)

Restriction for appearance in the examination

A student whose admission has become invalid or whose admission has not been approved by the University or who has been admitted to a college or course of study in excess of the prescribed intake shall not be eligible to appear for the examination conducted by either the College or the University. Where the application for affiliation or fixation of intake or any part thereof is granted by the University, on the recommendation of the State Government, the University shall specify in the order the courses of study in respect of which and the period for which the College or Course is affiliated with the specified intake with or without specific conditions. Where such an application or any part thereof is rejected by the State Government or the University, the grounds of such rejection shall be stated.

Permanent Affiliation

Norms for Permanent Affiliation

Eligibility for Permanent Affiliation

The existing colleges which have temporary affiliation for a continuous period of FIVE years and have fulfilled the conditions laid down by the Local Inquiry Committee and achieved the academic and administrative standards prescribed by the University and having NAAC accreditation (C) may also submit their application seeking for permanent affiliation.

The provisions of Section 59 shall mutatis mutandis apply for sanction of permanent affiliation.

A College shall be permanently affiliated to the University subject to review of its functioning, both administratively and academically, from time to time by the University and the State Government, at least once in a period of five years.

Notwithstanding anything contained in the preceding sub-sections, if a permanently affiliated college fails to fulfill any of the conditions specified in sub-section (1), the permanent affiliation shall be revoked:

Provided that permanent affiliation shall not be revoked unless an opportunity is afforded by the University to the college concerned:

Provided further that on revocation of the permanent affiliation, the concerned college shall seek temporary continuation of affiliation on yearly basis.

Who should apply?

In the case of a Government College, the Officer authorized in this behalf by the Government and in the case of other colleges, the Management of the college or the institution, which shall be a body registered under the Societies, Registration Act, shall apply to the Registrar, Mysore University, seeking permanent affiliation and such application containing all the required particulars along with the prescribed fee shall reach the Registrar not later than the date notified by the University during the preceding year.

Particulars which the application should contain:

(a) Name of the college and year of establishment;

(b) Constitution and Personnel of the Governing body;

(c) Courses and subjects in respect of which permanent affiliation is sought;

(d) Accommodation, equipment, furniture, the strength of the college or Institute, the number of students Class wise and Combination for whom provision has been made (the information relating to accommodation must be accompanied by blue prints);

(e) The detailed statement of assets and liabilities of the college duly certified by a Chartered Accountant;

(f) Previous application, if any, for Permanent affiliation in the same subject to this University and their disposal;

(g) Hostel accommodation foe students;

(h) The total area of land under possession and the extent of playgrounds;

(i) Sanitary arrangements, Canteen and other amenities for students;

(j) A statement of expenditure incurred in the last five years towards Library, Equipment and Furniture except salary;

(k) Number of teaching Faculty in each subject (with detailed break up);

NOTE: The provision contained in Clause (e) will not apply to an application made by a Government College.

On receipt of application, the syndicate shall-

(a) Direct a local enquiry to be made by competent persons authorized by the Syndicate in this behalf in respect of the matters referred to under the statement and such other matters as may be deemed necessary and relevant including particularly in the case of composite colleges whether the teaching facilities available are adequate for both the PUC and Degree Colleges;

(b) Make such further enquiry as may appear to it to be necessary;

(c) Therefore, the matter to the Academic Council for is opinion on the application.

Conditions which will have to be fulfilled before grant of permanent affiliation to any colleges or institution

The College or Institution shall satisfy the following general conditions before Permanent Affiliation could be ranted to it.

The college building shall have the following facilities in addition to the Class Rooms.

Permanent building, with sufficient accommodation which can meet the academic requirements.

A common room for teachers.

Departmental Staff Room in Professional Colleges.

Faculty wise staff rooms in other colleges with sanitary facilities.

A common room for students,

A separate common room for women students if it is a co-educational institution with sanitary facilities.

A library hall with book-shelves and reading hall to accommodate at least 50% of the students in professional colleges and 40% of the students in other colleges.

Office Room for Principal, Office Room for Administrative staff and records.

The college shall have an

  • Auditorium large enough to accommodate 80% of students at a time.
  • In respect of Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Colleges, the College shall have the physical facilities as prescribed by the IMC, IDC, IPC.
  • The College shall have a play field with a running track of 200 meters and provide facilities for games and sports and have sports materials room; provided that this may be relaxed to some extent in the case of City Colleges and completely waived in the case of evening colleges.
  • The College should have made adequate facilities for the members of the teaching and non-teaching staff for improvement of their academic qualifications.
  • The College should have ensured that the academic and welfare activities of the Backward Class, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes students have been properly looked into and special attention has paid to look into their problems.
  • The College has been conducting the co-curricular, extra-curricular extra social activities.
  • The College should have made sufficient arrangement to have the students examined every year by a Competent Medical Officer and recommends that a student needs any particular treatment, the same shall be communicated to the parent/guardian.
  • The College rules fixing fee to be paid by the students shall be in conformity with those prescribed by the University or Government.

Administrative standards (including financial requirements) required to be attained for grant of permanent affiliation:

For the purpose of granting permanent affiliation, the college or the Institution should have fulfilled the following administrative and financial requirements.

(1) There should be a Governing Council properly constituted in the case of non-government colleges and an Advisory Committee in the case of Government make the committee effective. The total number of members of the Governing Council will ordinarily be not less than seven and more than eleven. At least one member of the Governing Council shall be a teacher representative, other than the Principal.

(2) The Executive Committee members of the Educational Society which runs the college, and for which temporary affiliation has been granted should not belong to one Community/Caste or to one family and for the Educational Institute being managed by the SC/STs there shall at least be fifty percent of its members of the Management belonging to SC/STs.

(3) All records or registers as are required to be maintained as required under University Regulation/Government Orders and they shall be up-to-date. They shall be made available at any time when required for inspection.

(4) The recruitment of staff shall be as per University stipulations as laid down from time to time.

(5) There shall be Board of Appointment approved by the University consisting of Faculty Experts to select teachers.

(6) The members of the teaching and non teaching staff should be regularly and fully paid as per prescribed rules.

(7) The Management shall arrange to have its accounts audited by the end of each year by a Chartered Accountant. The annual accounts and the audited reports will be made available to the University and to the Government for Inspection, wherever applicable. Annual General Body Meeting shall be convened regularly.

(8) The details of grants received from the UGC for various purposes and its utilization should be made available.

(9) The details of grants received from the State Government for various purposes and its details should be available.

(10) Details of donation received from Philanthropists, its purpose and utilization details etc., should be scrupulously recorded, audited and those records be made available for inspection.

Registers :

  • A Register of admission and withdrawals.
  • A Register of attendance.
  • A Register of fees paid showing date of payment.
  • A Counterfoil Fee Receipt Book.
  • Account Books showing financial transactions of the College, separate from those of the management. The accounts shall show transactions in full.
  • A Register of Scholarships and Concessions of all kinds whether of tuition, boarding and lodging.
  • A Register or other records of addresses of students.
  • A Register of Marks obtained by each student at the College terminal examinations.
  • A Counterfoil Book of Transfer Certificate.
  • A Service Register as prescribed from time to time for each member of the staff.
  • A Register of members of the Staff showing qualifications, previous experience, salaries, number of hours of work and classes and the subjects taught

Academic Standard required to be attained for grant of permanent affiliatin:

For the purpose of granting permanent affiliation, the college or institution should have fulfilled the following academic requirements.

1. The number of the staff may be as per University requirements as fixed from time to time and at least 75% required staff appointed should be permanent including the Physical Instructor and Librarian.

2. Qualification of the teaching staff shall as far as possible be in accordance with Statutes framed from time to time.

3. Education, Science, Engineering and Medical Colleges shall have the Educational aids and equipment in laboratories sufficient to conduct experiments as per syllabus.

4. The results of the examinations conducted by the University so far a colleges are concerned should be comparable to the results of the University.

5. In respect of the Professional Colleges, e.g., Medical, Dental shall have obtained recognition from the respective All India Professional bodies e.g. Indian Medical Council of India and Dental Council of India.

6. The College Library shall have some important minimum number of books in each subject as may be prescribed by the Faculties, Boards of Studies, etc including the reference books and some standard Journals for the students.

7. The college with science wing should provide workshop, greenhouse and museum facilities with adequate staff wherever necessary.

8. As far as possible, the college shall have a parent-teacher association.

9. Adequate representation on the staff of teaching and non-teaching must have been given to the SC/STs and other backward Castes in accordance with the reservations for SC/STs as prescribed by State Government Register should be maintained wherein seniority of teachers along with category from which they were recruited is recorded.

10. The University while granting permanent affiliation to any college or institution shall clearly mention the terms and conditions subject to which such permanent affiliation is granted.

11. It shall be open to a college, after obtaining the previous approval of the Syndicate, to suspend instruction from the beginning of an academic year in any subject or subjects or courses of study in which the college or institute is permanently affiliated. The classes in the subject or subjects suspended shall not be re-started without obtaining the previous sanction of the Syndicate, and if the work is not resumed at the end of a period of three years, the affiliation previously granted shall be regarded as having lapsed: Provided that where in any year a college being prepared to make the usual arrangements to give instructions it subjects in which it has been affiliated, does not for want of students offer instruction in one or more of these subjects and it reports to the Syndicate within a fortnight after the last date prescribed for the admission in August, it shall not be deemed that the College or Institute has suspended instruction in the subject or subjects concerned.

12. Every permanently affiliated college shall conform to and be bound by the laws of the University in force for the time being.

13. Every college, which has been granted permanent affiliation, shall forthwith report to the Syndicate all changes effected in the management, teaching staff and all other changes affecting the terms and conditions of affiliation.

14. Periodical Inspection: The University shall arrange to have periodical inspection of every permanently affiliated college in three years.

15. Withdrawal of affiliation: If the college to which permanent affiliation has been granted has failed to comply with or failed to observe any of the conditions of its affiliation or has been conducted in a manner which is prejudicial to the interest of Education, the University may withdraw in whole or in part or modify the rights conferred on the college by affiliation, after following the procedure prescribed in Section 56 of the KSU Act.

Withdrawal of Affiliation:

The rights conferred on a college by affiliation, either temporary or permanent, may be withdrawn in whole or in part or modified, if the college has failed to comply with any of the provisions of this Act or if the college has failed to comply with any of the conditions of the affiliation or if the college conducted in a manner prejudicial to the interests of education.

A motion for the withdrawal or the modification of such rights shall be initiated only in the Syndicate. Any Member of the Syndicate, including an Ex-Officio Member, who intends to move such a motion, shall give a notice of it in writing setting out the grounds on which such a mo9tion is made.

Before taking the said motion into consideration, the Syndicate shall send a copy of the said notice to the Principal of the College concerned specifically intimating that any representation in writing on the motion shall be submitted by the College within a period to be specified in such intimation and the same will be considered by the Syndicate.

The period so specified in sub-section (3) may, if so expedient, be extended by the Syndicate upto a reasonable time.

On receipt of the representation or on the expiry of the period referred to in the preceding sub-sections, the Syndicate shall, after considering the notice of motion, the grounds set out therein and the representation received thereon and after such inspection by a Committee constituted and authorized by it in this behalf and after such further enquiry as may appear to it to be necessary, pass a resolution regarding the reasons thereof and shall transmit it to the Academic Council.

On receipt of the report under sub-section (5), the Academic Council shall, after such further enquiry, if any, as may appear to it to be necessary, record its opinion and refer back to the Syndicate.

The Syndicate, after considering the resolution of the Academic Council, shall pass a final resolution recommending the withdrawal of affiliation. Such a resolution shall not be deemed to have been passed by the Syndicate unless it has obtained the support of two thirds of the members present at a meeting.

The Registrar shall submit the proposal, with all the documents including the notice of motion, the reply of the College, Resolutions of the Syndicate and the Academic Council, to the State Government for taking decision.

The State Government, after such further enquiry as may appear to it to be necessary, may direct the University to withdraw the affiliation in whole or in part or as modified and as applicable from a particular academic year or to reject the proposal.

The University shall, on receipt of such directions, pass formal orders in accordance with such directions.

The students of a college, the affiliation of which has been withdrawn in whole or in part, shall be accommodated in the nearby colleges by the University by increasing the intake in respect of particular course of study to the extent of such students to be accommodated. All the documents in respect of such students shall be transferred from the college in respect of which the affiliation has been withdrawn to the college to which they are transferred by the University.

Temporary Affiliation

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