Calendar of Events

Affiliation Details

Calendar of events:

1)            In the first week of August notification is issued seeking renewal of Temporary affiliation for the existing courses, Permanent Affiliation and Fresh Affiliation for new courses/ subjects/ languages and for the grant of additional intake of students.

2)            The colleges have to submit applications within 30 days from the date of notification.

3)            The application should contain the following particulars and CDC which scrutinizes the applications takes note of the following details:

a)      The courses, subjects and intake for which continuation of affiliation is sought for the next academic year have to be verified with reference to the courses, subjects and intake for which continuation of affiliation has been sanctioned for the previous year

b)      The courses and subjects and enhancement of intake for which fresh affiliation is sought for the next academic year

c)       Whether affiliation fee has been paid as per the structure of the University?

d)      If permanent affiliation is sought for any course or subject, it is to be verified that those courses or subjects are eligible for grant of permanent affiliation as per statutes.

e)      If fresh affiliation is sought for starting a new college or any new course in the existing college, it is to be verified that the said courses are instituted in the University. Affiliation can not be granted to any course which is not in existence in the University.

f)       The information to be furnished by the Colleges as required under Sec.59(3) of KSU Act, 2000 is also to be verified.

g)      Incomplete application should be returned to the college for compliance of the observations.

4)            After scrutiny of the applications, a statement will be prepared and placed before the Syndicate for consideration and for constitution of Local Inquiry Committees, during October. Usually the Syndicate authorizes the Vice-Chancellor to constitute the Local Inquiry Committees.

5)            After consideration by the Syndicate the Local Inquiry Committees will be constituted by the Vice-Chancellor.

6)            After Local Inquiry Committees are constituted, the Office prepares the tour programme, and the inspection programme begins in the first week of December and should be completed by second week of February.

7)            After completion of inspection work all the reports of Local Inquiry Committee should be placed before the Academic Council by the end of February or in the first week of March, to consider the findings of the Committee and make such further enquiry as may appear to it to be necessary and record its opinion on such request and transmit it to the Syndicate.

8)            The reports of Local Inquiry Committees along with the resolution of the Academic Council should be placed before the Syndicate by the second week of March, for consideration and shall further record its opinion on grant of affiliation.

9)            After the approval of Local Inquiry Committees reports by the Syndicate the application and its enclosures, annexure the report of Local Inquiry Committee, and the proceedings of the Academic Council and the Syndicate will be submitted to the State Government before 31st March.

10)         On receipt of the directions of the State Government, formal order will be issued granting fresh affiliation to colleges.

11)         After the approval of the Local Inquiry Committee report by the Academic Council and Syndicate, orders relating to renewal of affiliation or continuation of affiliation for each academic year for the existing courses of study and extension of affiliation for follow on courses, excluding new courses, will be issued before the commencement of each academic year.