Granting affiliation to Autonomous Colleges

There are Eight autonomous attached to university at the moment. They are:

1) Yuvaraja’s College (Constituent College),

2) JSS Arts, Commerce & Science College, Mysore,

3) JSS Women’s College, Saraswathipuram, Mysore,

4) St.Philomena’s College, Mysore, and

5) Government College (Autonomous), Mandya.

6) Govt. College for Women, Mandya

7) Govt. Arts College, Hassan

8) Govt. Science College, Hassan

Criteria for Autonomous Colleges

Any College or Institution which has been permanently affiliated to Mysore University shall be eligible to apply for autonomous status.

Such Colleges and institutions shall submit an application in prescribed form, in quadruplicate, to The Registrar, Mysore University, Mysore.

The Applicant College shall, along with the duly completed application, submit copies of relevant and authenticated supportive documents and shll also pay the prescribed application fee, if any.

The applicant College, Institution shall, also make a remittance of Rs.25,000/- (Rupees twenty five thousands only) towards the processing fee through a Crossed and Account payee, Demand Draft drawn in favour of The Registrar, University of Mysore, Mysore-5.

The processing fee of Rs.25,000/- (Rupees twenty five thousands only) shall not be refundable to the applicant.

All completed applications for grant of Autonomy shall be submitted to the Registrar on or before the date prescribed the University.

Procedure for Grant of Autonomy

The Syndicate shall constitute a Standing Committee which shall consist of:

i) A Nominee of the Vice-Chancellor who shall act as Chairman of the Standing Committee.

ii) A Nominee of the Syndicate / Senate;

iii) A Nominee of the University Grants Commission;

iv) A Nominee of All India Council for Technical Education where an application has been received from a School of Management Studies.

v) A Nominee of Bar Council of India where an application for autonomy has been received from a Law College or School of Legal Studies.

vi) At least one expert from out side the state to be nominated by the syndicate and

vii) The Registrar, who shall act as Member / Secretary of the Standing Committee.

Procedure for application and the criteria to be followed

Applications for autonomy shall be forwarded by the Registrar to the Standing Committee.

The Standing Committee, on receipt of the completed applications, shall visit the College/institutions / status and make such inquiry as it deems fit and file its REPORT to the Registrar, who in turn shall place it before the Academic Council of the University for consideration.

The Standing Committee, shall while preparing its REPORT, be guided by, amongst other things, the following illustrative criteria:

  • History of the Institution seeking autonomous status
  • Academic reputation and previous performance in the University examinations and its academic / Co-curricular activities in the past
  • Academic attainment of faculty
  • Physical facilities, library facilities, equipments, recreational facilities available
  • Financial resources at the disposal of the management and its capacity to raise additional funds for the development of the College seeking autonomy,
  • Purpose for which autonomy is sought for; whether the applicant College is seeking autonomy for promoting higher standards, for curriculum development or for innovations and experimentation to make education socially relevant and purposeful
  • Academic Reports of the Institution
  • Quality and merit of the teaching staff in Academic Circles and their noteworthy Contributions in the field of their specialization;
  • Degree of academic freedom enjoyed by the Faculty members to develop scholarship, to engage in research, experimentation and for educational innovation and reforms
  • Mode of selection of students for admission and appointment of teachers with particular reference to whether adequate opportunities are provided to persons belonging to SC,ST and Category I, Groups in the light of reservation norms laid down by the Government from time to time
  • Quality of institutional management and responsiveness of administrative structure and
  • Preparedness to switch over to an autonomous setting to ensure that the responsibilities accompanying autonomy shall be properly discharged.
  • Adequacy of infrastructure: Library, laboratory, equipment and space for academic activities.

The Academic Council shall refer the Report to the Syndicate and then, in the light of the recommendation of the Academic council of University, the Syndicate may resolve whether the applicant’s request for autonomy be granted or rejected.

If the Syndicate resolves to grant autonomy to the applicant college, the Syndicate shall transmit all the relevant records to the State Government and the University Grants Commission for obtaining their concurrence.

The Registrar shall only after the State Government and the University Grants Commission concur, intimate the applicant College / Institution about the proposal to grant autonomy, the period for which the applicant shall enjoy autonomous status and the conditions, if any, subject to which such status shall be granted.

The applicant shall, on receipt of such intimation about the proposal to grant autonomy pay within fifteen days such fee or fees and such earnest money deposit as may be prescribed by the University from time to time.

The College / Institution after having complied with the provisions of statues of chapter V shall make a report to the University of such compliance by enclosing all documents in support thereof and indicating its preparedness to function as an autonomous College / Institution.

On receipt o such report under statue 6.1, the Registrar shall place it before the Syndicate along with his report indicating whether or not the College / Institution has fulfilled the conditions and terms of letter of intimation and requirements of statues of Chapter V.

The Registrar shall in accordance with the Syndicate resolution issue a letter granting Autonomous Status per format in Annexure ‘D’ with modifications if necessary.

Autonomous Status shall be granted initially for a period of five years subject to the condition that thirty days before commencement of each academic year the college / Institution shall remit to the University a sum of Rs.25,000/- (Rupees twenty five thousands only) or such other sum prescribed as Annual Fee by the University from time to time.

The University reserve the right to revoke the autonomous status when the annual fee prescribed is not paid within the time specified above.

Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act or statutes, Ordinances and Regulations made there under, University may, with the prior concurrence of the State Government, designate, for such a period as may be specified, an affiliated college, Development or Units as an Autonomous College for any course of study, after following the procedure and subject to such conditions to may be specified in the Statutes made in this behalf and with a view to improve the quality of education and to introduce new and relevant courses of study.

Subject to the Statutes made in this behalf, an Autonomous College so designated shall be entitled to design the courses of study, devise appropriate teaching methods, devise methods of evaluation, examination and tests pertaining to the award of the degree or diploma in the University and frame rules of admission of students.

Subject to such periodic review as may be prescribed in the Statutes, the University may, with the prior Concurrence of the State Government, continue the designation of the Autonomous College for such further period as may be specified or cancel such designation.

The Statutes for this purpose shall be made in consultation with the Academic Council of the University and shall provide for –

  • The manner in which and the conditions subject to which an affiliated college, Department or Unit may be designated as an Autonomous College or the designation of such college may be cancelled.
  • Matters incidental to the administration of an Autonomous College, including the constitution or reconstitution, functions, powers and duties of the Governing Body, Academic Council, Board of Studies and Board of Examiners of the Autonomous College;
  • Matters relating to admission of students;
  • Periodic review for continuance or cancellation of designation of Autonomous College;
  • Such other matters as may be relevant to the working of an Autonomous College including the matters mentioned.