Granting affiliation PG Colleges



The following shall be the guidelines for permitting Postgraduate Programmes in an affiliated college:

I. General

  1. The college shall comply with all the provisions of the Act, the Statutes, the Ordinances and also the rules and regulations of the University framed in this regard.
  2. Colleges having permanent affiliation or atleast five years of continuous affiliation only shall be eligible to start postgraduate programmes.
  3. There shall be a core faculty consisting of atleast four full-time members for each postgraduate programme in a college. All the faculty members shall be duly qualified as prescribed by UGC from time to time. Among them atleast two members should posses research degree (Ph.D)
  4. All the faculty members shall be paid as per pay scales prescribed for the concerned cadres viz., Professors, Readers, Lecturers by UGC/AICTE and payment shall be made through Bank.
  5. In addition to the core faculty, retired teachers having more than five years of teaching experience at the P.G. level may be appointed as visiting faculty to handle certain specialized topics/subjects, if need be. In exceptional cases eminent persons may also be invited to deliver lectures.
  6. There shall be separate faculty for each P.G. programme. The U.G. teachers shall not be allowed to handle P.G. classes.
  7. The number of teaching posts, the qualifications (as prescribed by the University) of the teaching staff, their recruitment procedure and conditions of service shall be in accordance with the Statutes/Ordinances/Regulations of the University in private colleges and shall be such as to ensure the imparting of adequate instructions to the students in the courses of studies to be undertaken by the College. However, the service conditions of employees shall be as prescribed by the Government.
  8. Atleast one member of the P.G. faculty of the college and one representative of the concerned University shall be represented in the Governing Council.
  9. The students shall be admitted to the postgraduate programmes as per the regulations prescribed for the concerned programme by the concerned University and also as per the guidelines of admissions issued by the State Government from time to time.
  10. The Institution shall collect tuition and other fees as prescribed by the University / Stte Government from time to time.
  11. The intake for each postgraduate programme shall be as fixed by the University/State Government/AICTE/Bar Council/NCTE etc. The Institution shall agree to set apart certain percentage of seats as directed by the State Government.
  12. The academic and welfare activities of the backward classes and Scheduled Castes/Tribes students shall be properly looked after and special attention be paid by the colleges to their problem while also adhering to State rules and directions on reservation.
  13. No college shall impose levies its teaching and non-teaching staff for meeting recurring or non-recurring general or special expenditure of the college or impose cuts in their salaries for any other purpose.
  14. The college shall have undisputed possession of land measuring atleast 5 acres (relaxable to 1 acre in metropolitan cities) and shall submit a blue print of the proposed building for the college.

II. Infrastructure

  1. The College shall have a separate Library for the postgraduate programmes. The Library shall have facilities like Reading Room, Journal Section, Text Book Section and Reference Section along with Internet facility. The seating capacity shall be in accordance with the strength of the P.G. students. A separate Librarian shall be appointed for managing the P.G. Library, especially if there are more than two P.G. courses in the college.
  1. There shall be separate classrooms, staff rooms, Ladies common room and laboratories for the P.G.programmes. The size of the classrooms, laboratories etc. shall be in accordance with the intake fixed for each programme (Concerned University shall prescribed the requirement i.e., Classrooms, laboratories and other facilities based on the requirements for the concerned P.G. programme).
  2. There shall be separate hostel facility for P.G. students.
  3. The college shall satisfy the University that adequate financfial provision is available and that the college has deposited the endowment funds.
  4. The college shall also satisfy that it has adequate recurring imcome from its own resources for its continued and efficient functioning.
  5. Research Facilities.

The postgraduate teaching will be more meaningful if the institutions create facilities for research iin the concerned disciplines. This will enable the faculty members of the concerned disciplines. This will enable the faculty members of the concerned disciplines to keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in their own areas of specializations. If the institution creates research facilities it will enable the faculty members to initiate projects and also apply for funding from specific agencies.

The college shall exhibit their potential to develop research facilities in the concerned disciplines in the following way.

  • Library: The library should have adequate number of journals (both Indian & Foreign) in the concerned disciplines. There should be internet facilities to enable the faculty and scholars to have access to world wide information.
  • Databases relating to the concerned disciplines should be procured by the colleges offering P.G. courses.
  • There shall be an investment of atleast Rs.1 lakh in the first year and Rs.50,000/- in every subsequent year for library towards purchase of books and journals pertaining to each P.G. programme.
  • Laboratory: For the P.G. programme in the Science disciplines, the research laboratory shall be established exclusively for the purpose of research.

  1. The management of a Non-Government college shall have its accounts audited by the end of each year by a chartered accountant out of a panel approved by the University or the State Government and that a copy of its annual accounts shall be made available with the audit report to the University to State Government for inspection.
  2. All registers and records as required to be maintained under University Regulation/Government orders shall be maintained and will be made available as and when required for inspection by the University/Government.

III. Preliminary Project Report (Please see enclosure)

The college which intends to apply for postgraduate programmes shall prepare a preliminary project report showing the infrastructure and other facilities available for each programme, sufficient proof of financial and other resources for sustaining the programme. The college shall also give an undertaking that it abides by all the conditions mentioned above if it is considered for granting affiliation to postgraduate programmes. The preliminary project report must be prepared and submitted as per the enclosed Performa.

After receiving the preliminary project report the University shall constitute a Committee including the Dean of the concerned faculty and one or two expert members to evaluate the preliminary report and give its opinion about the feasibility and need for starting the postgraduate programme in the college.

IV. Local Inquiry Committee Report

Based on the Committee’s report the University shall arrange to send a Local Inquiry Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Act, Statute and Regulations to visit the college and give its report. While giving its recommendations the LIC shall strictly follow the above guidelines and shall not recommend if the institution is incapable of fulfilling the conditions.

V. Final Approval

Before issuing Affiliation, a one man committee with Dean concerned shall reinspect the college to verify if all the above conditions have been fulfilled and the college assures that it will abide by the conditions stipulated as above.

Not withstanding the guidelines laid down above, all the conditions prescribed by the Act, Statutes, Ordinance, and Regulations in respect of Affiliation shall be mandatory.


Note: The Exercise on affiliation shall begin atleast nine months in advance and get completed atleast two months before the admissions are made in the College.



Committee Members



Prof. B.Hanumaiah


Mangalore University




Prof. M.S.Thimmappa


Bangalore University




Prof. M.Khaja Peer


Karnatak University




Dr. M.D.Muthamma


Collegiate Education